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This site features original, action packed games built entirely upon Sun's Java(TM) technology. No downloads or plug-ins are required, these games can be played right inside your web browser for free!

Please use the navigation bar at the top to explore the site. Enjoy your visit, and check back often for future developments. Thank you.

-- Latest News --

October - Our latest game Off-Road Rally has been released! Also, we have moved over to a new, faster and more robust server.
October - our latest game, Futuristic Arenas, is ready to play!
March - our newest game, Ancient Arenas, is ready to play!

January - A large-screen version of Tank Hunter is now available to play.

December - Large-screen versions of WarZone3and WarZone3 WWII Edition are now available.


We have released a new space-based shooter, entitled 'Ice Breaker Alpha'. Check it out in Games Room 5.


WarZone3 - World War II Edition has been released! Join British, American, and Russian forces and battle your way accross Western Europe and Russia in some of the most critical battles of the Second World War in our cutting-edge historical 3D tank combat game. Check it out in Games Room 6.


We have moved to a new more powerful server. This server is monitored and managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures site relaibility and stability, and means the we will not have to suffer any more downtime. Two new games will be uploaded very shortly, so please stay tuned!


We recently had to replace some hardware in our server. This has apparantly been causing problems for some users for a few weeks now, and eventually caused our whole site to go offline for a few days. We apologize for these problems, and thank you for your patience. We have fixed the problem, and everything should be running smoothly again now, but we are continuing to take steps to ensure future server reliability. More news about this soon.

We have also performed some minor updates on some of our older games for better performance under Windows XP (Alien Invasion, Heavy Canon, Doomsday, Break Ball, Orbital Defense, Warzone2 and Warzone).


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We have performed more minor updates. We have updated the following games : Blast First, Blast First : Sci-Fi Edition and WarZone3. These games should now be more playable (ie. smoother, faster and more stable) under Windows XP and/or with Sun's Java Virtual Machine. Also, new web-games are also coming soon, stay tuned!


We have updated the following games : Swarm, Lunar Invaders and Tank Hunter, for better compatibility with Windows XP. We have also updated the preview gallery, with details and screenshots of our upcoming mobile-phone games.


We have finished work on our latest game: 'Spitfire - The Battle Of Britain', a World War II themed arcade shooter. Pilot a Royal Air Force Spitfire fighter craft from the British Coast, over the English Channel and through France, and onwards to Berlin in an effort to prevent an Axis invasion of Britain. Play it now in Games Room 5.


WarZone3 is released. Featuring vastly improved 3D graphics and lighting effects, an ongoing story and mission based structure, as well as several diverse combat areas. Play WarZone3 by visiting the newly opened Games Room 5.

We have also changed our E-mail address, if you would like to get in touch with us, please see our updated contact details on the contact page. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.


We have released a new game entitled 'Lunar Invaders'. A retro-inspired 2D shooter, featuring numerous weapon upgrades, explosive effects and countless waves of non-stop alien-blasting action.

June 17th

We have finally released our cutting-edge first person shooter. There are 2 different episodes to play : "Blast First" and "Blast First - Sci-Fi Edition", each featuring different levels, weapons, special effects and opponents to battle against. Check them out in games room 4.

-- Old News --

May 2003

We have just moved to a more reliable and robust dedicated high-bandwidth server. For those of you having trouble accessing the games recently we apologise, rest assured we have taken measures to ensure maximum future accessability and reliability.

Additionally, we have been busy over the past few months developing a new cutting edge first-person shooter engine (as seen in pictures above and on previous page), and we will be releasing our first game(s) using this technology within the next couple of weeks (mid June 2003).

August 2001
We have opened up Arcade Games Room#3 and added two new action games, 'Swarm' and 'Heavy Cannon'. Even more arcade games are on the way, so watch this space!


February 2001
J @ V A G A M E P L A Y . C O M appears in the February issue Ascii Magazine (published in Japan). Ascii magazine is a popular Japanese publication that convers technology, computers and the internet. This particular article was entitled "Enjoy Websites With Java", and it not only favorably discussed our site, but it also featured screenshots of WarZone and the site's front page. Many thanks to the staff at Ascii Magazine for including our site in their article, and for sending us a copy of the magazine!

-- Site History --

December 2000
The J@vaGamePlay.com user survey is now closed. Over 10 thousand people took part, many thanks to everyone who participated. The results of the survey can be seen here.

June 2000
A new game room is added to the site, featuring 3 new games : 'Break Ball', 'Doomsday' and 'Tank Hunter'.

March 2000
J @ V A G A M E P L A Y . C O M recieves a favourable review in Entertainment Weekly (Entertainment Weekly, published by Time Magazine Inc, issue number 533, March 31st, page 75). To quote a small part of the arcticle - "For fast loading thrills, zoom to Ben Librojo's compact trove of arcade classics".

October 1999
The all new 'Orbital Defense' game is added to the site.

September 1999
The J @ V A G A M E P L A Y . C O M web site is redesigned for easier navigation.

August 1999
This site has had over one million visitors in just under 6 months!

March 1999
The site formerly known as Ben's Java Arcade is re-opened as J @ V A G A M E P L A Y . C O M





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