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Welcome to our preview gallery. In this section, you can look at screenshots and view information about upcoming games and works in development.

Flight Simulator Engine

Below are screenshots of our flight simulator engine, which forms the basis of one of our upcoming games, an attack helicopter combat simulator.

Futuristic Arenas


Mobile Phone Games

We have been converting some of our games (as well as developing new titles) to run on Java enabled mobile phones. We have three titles that are almost ready for release : Swarm (mobile edition), Lunar Invaders (mobile edition), and, an as of yet untitled new game (developed from the ground up especially for mobile phones). These games have been initially developed for Nokia series 40 and series 60 devices, Motorola V600, V500, V300, and Sony Ericson K700. They have been designed to be easily adapted for other Java enabled phones. Here are some screen shots (running under the Nokia 7210 emulator 128x128 pixels) and brief descriptions of these games.

Untitled : This is a scrolling World-War-II themed shooter that has you fighting your way through missions set accross fields, forrests, towns, and cities. Use rifles, hand grenades, machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers and even capture and drive enemy tanks to help you achieve your objectives.

Swarm : Fly and shoot your way through endless waves of insect-shaped aliens in this vertically scrolling arcade shooter. This is a mobile version of our popular web based arcade shooter, all levels, features, and power-ups have been reproduced.

Lunar Invaders : A mobile version of our popular web based arcade shooter, in which the player must defend the surface of the moon from a relentless alien invasion. All weapons and power-ups have been faithfully ported over, ensuring a varied and ever-changing gameplay experience.

More information about our mobile-phone games projects is available upon request.


WarZone3 - World War II Edition (coming soon)

This will be highly modified version of WarZone3, set during some of the most epic battles of World War II. This game will featuring new missions and storylines, authentic WWII vehicles and locations, as well as new power-ups and gameplay features. Stay tuned for more screenshots and information.




This game is based on the same core renderer as our first person shooter game (Blast First). It was originally written as a test for the aformentioned engine, but we decided to develop it into a complete game, in response to the popularity of the original 'WarZone' and 'WarZone2' games, as well as their offshoot 'Tank Hunter'.

WarZone3 was released on October 15th 2003. The following screenshots are now obsolete, since the game's graphics changed drastically during development. We will keep them here as a matter of interest, however you can play the final game here.



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