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Games Room 4

Welcome to Games Room 4. Select your game by clicking on a screenshot below. Choose between Blast First, and Blast First : Sci-Fi Edition, and Lunar Invaders.

Blast First : Sci-Fi Edition

This is another another "deathmatch" style first person shooter featuring new locations, levels, weapons and special effects all set in a science fiction environment.

Blast First

This is a cutting-edge 3D "deathmatch" style first person shooter. Battle your way through several levels in a 'tournament style' competition of armed combat.


Lunar Invaders

Earth is (once again) under attack! Invading aliens are attempting to capture the moon, and you must defend the lunar surface at all costs. This 2d shooter was inspired by an old classic, and features explosive special effects, a large assortment of weapons to collect and use, and dozens of action packed levels.


Copyright (c) 2003 Ben Librojo and PowerUp Games Ltd. All Rights Reserved.