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Games Room 3

Welcome to Games Room 3. Select your game by clicking on a screenshot below. Choose between Swarm, Tank Hunter, and Heavy Canon.


Earth is under attack by swarms of giant metallic insect shaped beings from another dimension! This is an adreneline-pumping space-based shooter, in which you battle against invading hordes of aliens in various sectors of the galaxy. Be sure to capture aliens, and collect powerups to increase your firepower!

Tank Hunter

This is a vastly improved version of the original WarZone game, featuring a new progressive mission based structure, new enemies, powerups, and even more explosive special effects.


Heavy Canon

Humanity is in retreat and facing extinction when an experiment in human cloning goes horribly wrong. Mutant clone soldiers turn against their creators, and attempt to overthrow the human race. The final battle sees you controling the human's last defense unit, a single gun emplacement high atop a mountain peak, and you are up against the finest airborne mutant military elite!


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